Yesterday, when I was on the way back form office, I had a thought of trying lighting to an object. I reached room by 7PM; i believe. I was alone there, searched in the kitchen and backyard for something to keep as my subject. Finally I found an empty bottle of Ballentine's in my kitchen sheft, and a bottle of 8PM Indian Whisky. I had a time with this whisky last week. Took that and kept on my bench, which is there in my room. As photography is being my breath, I am seeing something sometimes, and getting some ideas (good and bad). I try it all the time and find something.

I prepared my own soft box, with the help of some house hold items, tried in thousand ways to make somewhere to a perfect lighting, but I could not. So I finalized to fix this as my lighting soft box. To know more about my soft box, mail me in person @ maheshbabu.nair@gmail.com . Actually that's my secret, if someone like to know that am ready to share in person. And let me tell you, this is not at all costly, as max as INR 20/- (50Cents) .

Now I believe that, lighting for stock photography about beverages, maily alchoholic beverages, we can use yellow beem of light, which helps to make it somewhat attractive.

Hope to make more Stock photographs 

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- Mahesh Babu


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    Mahesh Babu, a newbie to the world of photography from Kannur District in Kerala State of India. His gadget is Canon 550D. trying to   do something with the resources he has to explore the beauty of life and livings..


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