Digital photography is a form of photography that uses an array of electronic photo detectors to capture the image focused by the lens, as opposed to an exposure on photographic film. The captured image is then stored as a computer file ready for digital processing, viewing, digital publishing or printing.

Each creation of photography goes through some technical terms. Some rules, some optical terms. 
We have two era for photography one is film era and the second one is digital era, as of today. We have no idea what is going to be invented in the coming years..
So we are discussing about the modern era or the Digital era of photography. When digital camera came into the world, we reached the world of previews and recomposing the same photography. When we were in the age of film photography the thing was too costly, and it was too sensitive. Once we clicked, the film get exposed to the light, if the image was not as proper as we designed, we have only one option to throw the negatives away, but now we can preview what are we going to capture before we click the shutter button. That is the first advantage of digital photography.
Aperture/Shutter Speed/ISO and Exposure these are the most effective things which decides the quality of the creativity. Now in digital cameras such as Point and Shoot, Cameras on Mobile devices or Even DSLRs have these adjustments facility inbuilt in those. When we are technically perfect, when we are experienced enough to measure the light, speed of object (if moving) or the amount of reflection from the object, color of your foreground,mid-ground and background. You can shine as a good photographer. 

Working principle of a digital camera.,The two main types of sensors are charge-coupled devices, in which the photocharge is shifted to a central charge-to-voltage converter, and CMOS or active pixel sensors.
Nearly all digital cameras use built-in and/or removable solid state flash memory. Digital tapeless camcorders that double as a digital still cameras use flash memory, discs and internal hard drives. Certain 20th century digital cameras such as the Sony Mavica range used floppy disks and mini-CDs.

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