When I was on the shoot of Bottles, day before yesterday, I did not notice what exactly happens when I use my soft box to get the lighting on my subject. But today, when I tried something with the same source of light, felt something on the newspaper. As the image shows you something, I felt some rays coming through the newspaper from my soft box.

Then I realized that, I have to showcase this beauty to my world of photography lovers. That is the main reason for this photograph. This pulls out the light from my soft box and tell us the power of shadows, or the importance of shadows to see the attraction of light when it is there, as a blind get vision. Light and shadow are the two extreme things which stays together to get the perfection of vision. 
For a photographer, [in my view point], shadows are equally important as light.
Keep both your light and shadows tracked.
-Mahesh babu photography


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    Mahesh Babu, a newbie to the world of photography from Kannur District in Kerala State of India. His gadget is Canon 550D. trying to   do something with the resources he has to explore the beauty of life and livings..


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