In photography Lens is the most significant part. For the good quality and feel of image, lens substances much more than the camera body. If you have a good camera body from the leading brands, then you do not need to urge to upgrade and update your camera for some additional features like megapixels or modes, try to invest that in the part of optics(lens).

Lens according to area of photography using DSLR Camera

As per the photograph you are going to create, you have to look  at different type of lenses in terms of focal length and aperture available. Difference lens give extreme different feel and depth of field. Here are some best chosen lens for distinguish part of photography.

Portrait Photography:

In the matter of portraits, our focus has to be on the person to be captured, and our object has to be sharp to see in the photograph, for this be better go with the lens ranging a focal length from 24mm-150mm with wide aperture. Which can be prime lens too ( Prime lens are the one with single focal length such as 50mm, 85mm, 135mm).  Or zoom lenses like 24-70mm, 24-105mm, 18-55mm, 15-85mm or even 70-200mm. Prime lens can provide sharp images and which can create attracting bokehs.

Landscape Photography:

Best known lens for landscape photography starts from a focal length of 8mm to 35mm, because, we need to capture a broader angle to get them maximum impact of the landscape. When we are using the lens with smaller focal length, we get maximum coverage in a single frame, else we will have to go for Panorama mode to bring down the maximum effect and feel of the photograph.

We can practice this with the lens like 8-15mm, 10-22mm, or 17-40mm. When we shoot landscapes, sun is being a villain sometimes, there we use filters like UV, Polarizing, Neutral Density, Graduated Neutral Density to add additional impact to the optical leavel. A camera with full frame body is more helpful in capturing landscapes. Now we have fish-eye lens available to shoot the wide angle.

Sports Photography:

Sports photography , You need the largest possible focal length as we have to shoot it from a long range from the athlete or player, find the lens with largest possible aperture as we shoot from long range, amount of light coming in from the object when we use high shutter speed, will be less. Try to find the best image stabilizers this would help us to avoid shakes for long time handhold shots, and lightest possible weight, this will help us to hand hold lens for longer period.

Having all these things in a single lens is bit difficult, but possibility of improvements are there step by step. Focal length must be Large, so this is the first priority to buy lens for sports photography. Sport photography lens can be started at a focal length of 300mm.Keep image stabilization as the second most important factor for Sports Photography.

Prime lens can play a better role here, but we do not choose those because its highly priced. Which can give a great effect with sharp subject and bokeh background. Best chosen lens for this purpose are 300mm, 400mm, 500mm or even 600mm prime lens or 100-400mm,80-400mm, 150-500mm zoom lens. Moreover, prime lens have larger apertures than zoom lens.

More about lens would continue in the next post...

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