This happened in this morning, the rainy morning of September 15th, 2012. I went to railway station to drop one of my friends, it is Harthaal (Strike) here, due to the unethical, unnecessary, kind less hike in the price of fuel. When I reached back home, something hit in my mind,a pink color. I just jumped out of home with my camera and reached the pink. She was smiling at me, my flower; with small drops of the rain which left her some moments ago.

When I checked the surroundings of my flower, I realized that this would be a good frame, I turned my camera's mode dial to A for aperture priority, and adjusted to the lowest aperture as possible, and my camera decided the shutter speed as 1/56th of a second. ISO was 100 at that time,cos I had enough light on my subject.

When I looked at my pink flower, she was with her diamond ring, which is gifted by the rain. That pulled me into that view. Hope everyone like flowers, because its one of the beautiful creations of the GOD almighty. Flowers are angels, living angels on earth. To make us happy and keep us fresh.

This is a kind of macro photography i believe. A close up shot of a flower, by giving all the detailing of that. I love to capture macros, cos I can keep the camera handy and non-shaky. My hands shows such a problem of vibration sometimes. 

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    Mahesh Babu, a newbie to the world of photography from Kannur District in Kerala State of India. His gadget is Canon 550D. trying to   do something with the resources he has to explore the beauty of life and livings..


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