on the way to infopark in a cool night
I wish to share my view points once I clicked this photograph, this is one of the interesting area near Kakkanad, where I stay now. I am close to this location, and I am used to this road. We call  that as Infopark highway or expressway. Nice road which becomes traffic less at nights. When I had no camera in my hands, I had a image in my views to click a photograph like this, I know, we can make it even better with more tries. If any good photographer see this, he/she can have many ideas about this, to make it better and better. As far as I know, and am able with my camera, I did this.
Now about my settings, I always give long exposure at nights, this photograph is @ 2", ISO200, and F/5.2 as this is in manual mode and my camera gives this the most. I am expecting some suggestions from the one who are into photography, to make it better. 


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    Mahesh Babu, a newbie to the world of photography from Kannur District in Kerala State of India. His gadget is Canon 550D. trying to   do something with the resources he has to explore the beauty of life and livings..


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