Photography is an all encompassing term used for all types of image capture but there are in fact distinct variations in the manner in which photography is approached in different genres. Different genres of photography require a different style and perspective. The techniques used by photographers vary based on the subject, the situation and the end use of the image or scene. 
Photography has always been considered an art and a creative process. This creativity is enhanced by the availability of camera features that make possible a wide range of ideas and styles.

Outlined below is a list of genres that call for specialized treatment in the process of creating outstanding photographs. These thematic approaches will be discussed in detail here, though there are few more categories and sub-categories in thematic photography like ad messages, corporate brochures, under-water photography and so on.

  • Landscape photography
  • Wildlife photography
  • Sports events
  • Photo-journalism
  • Fashion photography
  • Black & White treatment
  • Shooting Celebrities

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