I am feeling crazy sometimes, when am with my camera. I have never used a DLSR, but its every photographer's dream to have one good DSLR. When I walk with my camera, I feel that everything around me are good frames, but I am being disappointed when the lighting isn't  coming fine... I love to click outdoor, especially the nature around me than portraits or indoors, cos I know, am not good at portraits. But a good photographer could be doing all these.. Whatever may be his camera, situation, atmosphere, or anything, he would make sharp snaps.. That is what we call inborn talent.

Two days back, I went into a fest, with full of light, and outdoor event, clicked some snaps, which are listed in two segments in this site, one as Infofest 2012 and the other one is People.

I was crazy all these times, clicked many, but most of them would came fine with the subject. But I felt there are something to say "ok!", but could have been even better, I always think like that whenever I see any photograph clicked by me. This is the time I go crazy and try to make it better from different angle, shutter speed and aperture.

I am working on to do better, to do more, to do better...

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    Mahesh Babu, a newbie to the world of photography from Kannur District in Kerala State of India. His gadget is Canon 550D. trying to   do something with the resources he has to explore the beauty of life and livings..


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