Fort Kochi, the incredible tourist spot in India, or even Asia. Yesterday, I had a thought of shooting the sun set at Fort Kochi. I am staying some 20kms away from the location, got in a bus by 5pm. I had a good hope to reach the location before set. But the great traffic jam in Kochi cheated me ( I am not supposed to blame the jam because I was late to start). Finally bus reached there by 6:35pm. I get down from the bus and ran toward the scene which was there in my mind, by the time the Sun had left the scene.

Then I found something through the Chinese Fishing Nets, the ICON of Fort Kochi. The sky was smiling at me to have a snap of him. He was waiting for me to dim. Turned my camera into Aperture Priority mode and fired my shutter.. I got what is there in the picture above..

Just after the sun left me..
Mahesh Babu Photography


09/24/2012 10:34pm

perfect capture!

09/25/2012 2:52am

Itz perfect ...u can try story writing too...

10/31/2012 7:01pm

best of yours.....


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